OK, you found the lowest priced product that meet the standard. But in your shipment, are you getting the same quality as the sample they sent for testing? Will you receive consistent quality parts through out the year? Will your supplier take care of you if you ever have a problem? What is your added cost for re-work, ship-backs, air freight for delay shipment and re-ships last year? How much are you losing on angry customers and ruined reputation? Is your vendor out of country? Have you gotten a container load of products that don’t meet the standard? And you overseas vendor is refusing to credit you or telling you that the credit will be 10% per container in the next 10 containers?

Don’t cut corners. Parts that meet the standard isn’t enough. Remember the tires on Ford Explorers? Dry walls in Florida? Lead paint in toys? Using low quality components will hurt your company in the long run.

Landcasters is here for you. We have been around since 1986 and we will be here in the years to come. We are a California corporation for over 34+ years.

We monitor our production process every step of the way. From raw material, injection molding, metal stamping, tooling to assembly, each manufacturing process is controlled to ensure our products are superior in quality.

We may not be the lowest price guy in town, but we stand behind our quality products since 1986. We truly believe quality is the key to long term success.

In order to make sure our casters not just look good but also perform well in real life. We regularly test our casters by using these three different tests to ensure our casters will provide years of trouble free service.

1. BIFMA test – Almost all of our casters will pass BIFMA and some will do double the BIFMA. Contact us for exact listing.

2. Landcasters® impact test

3. Landcasters® rotating bump test

4. We even pay attention to a small typical square plate for casters. We make it extra strong for trouble free service.